Revolving door

Revolving door

Maternity ward

How do you feel about it?

Work and working life are constantly changing. Part-time, fixed-term, self-employed, bonus-based pay, zero-hour contracts... Change and renewal are happening, and so they should. Working life needs to become better – it needs to serve our lives, not the other way around. Do reforms work? That depends on whether those affected were consulted.

How do you feel about your work? Is there too much or too little? Why is the working day its current length? What's the basis of your holiday entitlement? Can a parent stay at home to look after a child? How are staff cuts and notice periods handled?

You too can shape the future of working life. Your own union could answer the above questions and many more.

Trade unions. Trade whats?

Changes to working life are negotiated between the government, employers and union representatives. If job market issues are decided without consulting employees, working life could be much stormier than now. Trade unions look after workers in these major negotiations.

It's difficult to make yourself heard when you're alone. The unions look after the rights of employees – including yours. The more members they have, the more power the unions have to change things. So isn't it time you joined? Did you know that you have the right to join a union?

Choosing just the right union for you depends on your education or training, profession, position, job description and/or employer. Get to know how the trade unions work and find your own union on employee organisations’ website:

If you have questions about union membership or the unions in general, you can also send e-mail:

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